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Our company manufacturers childrens electric gokarts and we are are looking to sell them in the States, but we need to know of a company to contact who can do leisure insurance for such products. If anyone can help please!


Buildings Insurance Subsidence Dilemma

I did not renew my buildings insurance due to financial problems and plan to get it sorted asap. Today at a visit to the mortgage society reg a mortgage review they asked about my buildings insurance cover… I had to admit to not having cover at the mo… they were concerned and stated that it was against the law not to have buildings insurance. They went on to tell me that they will need to see the policy either once I have it or before I have it(cant rem which)so they can see if I have suitable insurance cover. Problem is, I live in an old mining town and like almost every house in this town it has old subsidence damage, no underpinning or anything but the owner before me apparently claimed £8.000 in around 1987. During this mortgage review they insisted I have a quote for buildings cover and when they asked me about previous subsidence or landslip I said yes… well it’s true even though there is unlikely to be any further problem with it as its settled. This resulted on what I think is a high insurance premium and one I can’t afford it started at about £350 for very basic cover, just buildings and no accidental damage. Its just a 3 bed semi and the last cover I had for this property was £89.83 in 2002. The local broker that covered me for that and previous years always told me to say no to the sudsidence question because I would not get cover otherwise… so I just went with his advice. I only ever had one claim with it and that was for a leak from the boiler in the roof and they paid up no problem so the subsidence question didnt pose any prob there Now I’m worried that because I told the mortgage society about the subsidence that I will only be able to get cover including allowance for subsidence even though I won’t end up going through them because they want to see the policy anyway, will they check that out? I was going to go back to my original broker and say no to the subsidence thing again. The subsidence is old and settled and not going to be a problem or else the entire town would be collapsing I think they have refused to allow my mortgage tracker change untill they have proof I have got insurance cover too as they have locked my account. I don’t mind getting cover I know I have to have it but I just can’t afford that amount

Its not against the law not to have building cover, however it will be against the terms and conditions of your mortgage. I would try an insurance broker or two (try yellow pages) for quotes. Also you can try online brokers. You MUST tell them about the subsidence (give as much detail as poss) as your cover will be invalid if you do not and if you make a claim they will not pay out. Perhaps some of the brokers and mortgage advisors on this forum will give you advice/quotes if you ask them.

OK… Oh dear… Do you think they have locked my account though because of my insurance situation then? I can’t rem everything they said in the review meeting I know if I didn’t declare the previous subsidence that it would be void if anything happened due to subsidence, but when I was covered without subsidence declared I had that claim with the loft and ceiling and there was no problem. Plus whats crazy is that halifax never allowed for that themselves when they originally started me off with them for buildings cover even though the house was brought through thier estate agents and mortgage set up with them it was as no subsidence and then when I moved to another company for cover they wanted to ok the new policy before it went through and that again was with no subsidence cover, they checked it, agreed it, without subsidence declared and it was that way for a few years. Only now has this problem arose, unfortunately, but I’ll get some quotes as soon as poss I know I need the cover no matter what

If there are any insurance brokers on here interested in giving me a quote, if so please drop me a pm or a reply here Ive found the all the insurance policy details from all the years since i brought the house and its right halifax did not allow for subsidence on the property so they let that run for years till i swapped cover. I do realise thouggh that I will need the full cover allowing for subsidence though because how could i rest if i didnt. I just hope its not too bad and any access wont be too high. Having said that Ive only ever had one claim in the 13 years i was covered

Hi Lady_K I have a very similar problem to you, its so frustraiting and worrying isnt it? This is my post: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/…d.html?t=40254 We still dont have a resolution, when we spoke to a broker they wanted a civil engineers report before they would quote us but we cant afford to have one done. Who did you get your quote with? We also wondered about getting cover and not informing them of the subsidence (as it was put down as an accident on the old insurance forms which have now lapsed) if we cant sort things out with Zurich. Its so worrying to be in this situation so if anyone can help us out there please?

I’ve just got off the phone with a broker and the coal authority. The broker advised me to have a mining report done to clear everything up once and for all. I rang the mining report dep and they looked up details on my address and said previos owners had 2 claims and its better that I try to avoid the mining report as it could escalate things to wanting investigations into what the claims were for and as there is no proof of whether the work was carried out or not it could lead to a structural survey on the house… omg this is just getting worse and the reason I didnt renew my insurance in the first place was through financial problems now its leading to even more cost Now the coal authority are sending me a letter saying that they will be liable for any damage on the property arising from new mining subsidence as he said a lot of companies are usually ok with that so try that first I dont know how I stand legally because its against th terms and conditions of my mortage provider that I have no buildings insurance at the moment I’m really worried about what possition I’m in because of this The claims were made something like 25 years ago and mines were closed years and years ago Sorry to hear you have problems too dwarfer01

Lady_K which broker did you use, could you recommend them to me?

Well I don’t know if the area matters but it’s one in Nottingham but as yet nothings sorted so far but ill send you the phone number in pm if its any use These brokers did tell me to get the report until I rang the coal board myself and was warned that doing that may cause the problems wrote above adding to more cost maybe so I’d just say be a bit careful though

Thanks a lot for that. It sounds like the Brokers in Nottingham would say the same to me about getting the engineers report. I think we will keep on at Zurich for the time being and see what happens. Hope you get something sorted out for yourself – good luck, Ill be thinking of you.

How about trying Norwich Union Direct ? They didn’t ‘load’ our premium but they did increase the excess….

Thanx I went to the brokers today with an old mining report from when I brought the house and the letter from the coal board. They have applied to zurich and faxed the documents to them for me but I have to wait till Monday before they will get back to the brokers apparently. Anyway I didn’t ask about the access but that is a point and something I’ll watch for. They said there were a couple of companies that they thought would cover me but applied to zurich first. Does the extra access only apply when you have a claim for actual subsidence related claims or for any claim to do with the buildings?

I moved into a new house last May which had shown signs of previous subsidence (the house is over 100 hundred years old) and the subsidence was years and years ago. I was told that I had to stick which the insurance company who had previously insured the house for buildings and contents with the previous owners. Same as you…the premiums are ridiculous. I tried some other brokers anyway, and they all refused straight away, for both buildings AND contents. What I can’t understand is I paid to have a full survey done on the house before I moved in, which stated that there had been previous subsidence, but that is was non-progressive, and would NOT have any future problems. Why do we pay to have these surveys done, when no-one will take any notice of the reports given by trained professionals!!

I guess the underwriters have the ”what if”happens.They would be left to pick up the fat bill.I see that some may cover you for a fat premium covering you at a greater risk.Maybe the house was moving away from the previous occupants but likes you and decided to stay….are!keep searching you may find a good quote.Insist on the surveyors report.See if these will give you a quote www.egg.com and you could save an extra 10% if you get their credit card but use www.greasypalm.co.uk to get the £7.25 from them(once registered) should Egg decide they will insure you and you are happy with the quote.Maybe you can look for a specialist insurer through a google search..In any case you should get cover.

thanks for your help. Don’t worry, I took out the insurance anyway…wouldn’t be without. Will keep looking for an alternative!!

Documents were faxed over to Zurich over a week ago and they just seem to keep making excuses, that they havent got them, then they were sent to a different dep, then they said send them again no one seems to have seen them and still nothing is moving so I’m getting a bit disheartened and wondering if I should just apply for ordinary buildings cover like I’ve always had coz that would prob go through quickly. Mine is old subsidence and unlikely to cause any trouble now. What would happen say if there was a fire or somthing and a claim was made for that could they still refuse if they found out about the subsidence I hadnt declared it or would that just be if anything happened subsidence related? When I brought the house I didnt actually have a full mining report actually investigating any claims on the house just a report about mine shafts ect and dates, no claims were put down. It was just my solicitor told me off the record that he knew the previous owners and there had been a cash pay off from the coal board to them and as he knew he wanted to let me know. Other than that there is no evidence that I actually knew anyway…

Wouldn’t have thought to try this… Thanks and hope you had a positive conclusion to your dramas.


What type of insurance? Help Please!

I’m only 26 years old, but after major surgery at 19 and then again at 20, I have been ill for 7 years. I’ve continued to work a full time job, but through the years have been getting steadily worse. I have no idea what is wrong with me and despite years of tests, the Doctors are none the wiser. I stopped chasing a prognosive and just got on with my life, but recently I have been getting worse and worse and my sick record is getting a little bad at work. I made the decision to start researching myself over the Internet and now belief I know what is wrong, after a long discussion with my Doctor, he has agreed to send me for the relevant testing and then I will know for sure. My Husband and I bought a house only two years ago and we are reliant on my income, I have great concerns that I will not be able to carry on working and that is why I want to take out some insurance to cover the mortgage costs if I do become to ill to work. There is nothing on my medical records at the moment, but obviously there may very well be something soon. What should I do? Oh, I should probably mention that the surgery was related to Jaw mis-alignment and shouldn’t have caused any further illness. Although the second surgery was to correct the first after it was done badly or whatever and no I didn’t have a claim for compensation, even though I tried. Sara

Sorry but surely these 2 statements conflict . You are required to answer all questions truthfully- even if no notes on medical records ( pointless paying out premiums for something that could be invalidated for non-disclosure)

I agree with payless that you should tell them your GP has referred you for tests or whatever. If the jaw thing is entirely unrelated and now sorted that will probably be OK, but the ‘waiting for tests’ thing is highly relevant. Not what you want to hear, but it would be truly pointless not to declare it.


Life Insurance related question

Just wonder if anyone can help me with this I hope I have posted this in the right section. I own a property with my partner (we are not married but have been together for 3 and a half years, in the property together 2 and a half years). We have a mortgage of £90,000 and we have level term assurance. I am pretty certain when we brought the property that the arrangement was set up as "joint tenants in common" which to my knowledge means that we own half the property each and if anything was to happen to one of us the other half would automatically own the other share of the property and the life insurance would pay off the whole sum outstanding on the mortgage. I am 99.9% certain that is the case but I sadly lost my uncle a couple of months ago very suddenly at 43 and since then this has been playing on my mind. Should I write to the solicitor who dealt with the conveyancing on the property when we brought to get this confirmed?

The life cover is totally independent of the mortgage. A joint life policy will pay the proceeds to the other joint party unless the policy has been written in trust to say otherwise. It is highly unlikely a trust document would have been written up in the case of a term assurance covering a mortgage.

Thanks for your reply – its more about the ownership rights I need to clarify then…..

Your have the lives assured and you have the policyholders. The policyholders are the owners of the policy. Assuming joint life as you said, the owners and lives assured are the same, then the other policyholder receives payment on death. Placing the policy in trust would overide that with the beneficiaries named being the ones that get the payment. However, the owners still remain as the policyholders. Bit of tongue twister that

Although there might also be insurance relating specifically to the mortgage, depending on what kind of mortgage it is? My understanding is that with level term assurance the money goes straight to the beneficiary, unless as already said it’s been put into trust. The beneficiary can then choose what to do with the money – pay off all the mortgage, reduce the mortgage, spend it on the funeral, whatever. But if you have a joint endowment mortgage then normally there is insurance with that which specifically pays off the mortgage if either party dies. Someone more knowledgeable will correct me if I’m wrong, which may then give you another question – what kind of mortgage is it!

But if you have a joint endowment mortgage then normally there is insurance with that which specifically pays off the mortgage if either party dies. Endowments used to get assigned to the lender but that stopped happening, more or less across the board, around 8 years ago. Old policies may still be assigned but it is easily removed if required.


Nationwide car insurance Price Promise

Has anyone claimed double the difference in the total cost of their car insurance back from Nationwide as is possible according to their Price Promise?

I got a quote from them last night and it was quite competitive, but beatable. I’ve asked for details of the price promise so we’ll see if they’re included in the bumf. But the guy did say that to qualify, the alternative quote has to match theirs exactly, in terms of excesses, coutesy car, legal help, all that jazz. So I got the impression that they would try to wriggle out of it and it’s not worth anything.

My quote from Nationwide was £1700 as opposed to £800 elsewhere. If they refunded double the difference (£1800), they would in effect be paying me £100 for the privilege of insuring me. I can’t imagine them doing that and I’m risking paying £900 extra to take the chance. If Martin would support me, I’m willing to be a test case.


Write off ?!?

To cut a long story short… …Picasso, smack up rear, insurance first say write off then when challenged over valuation change their minds and say it’s ‘economical to repair’. Have spoken to the garage who have recommended a new shell but have been told by insurance engineer to jig it and replace a variety of panels including the boot floor. I am highly sceptical that the car is repairable – garage are too! The garage man said ‘I’m not supposed to say this but I wouldn’t want it back…’ How shall I play this? First dealings with insurance and any advice greatly received!!

I work in a large Bodyshop and have had lots of dealing with people not wanting there car repaired. The insurance company will value your car at the Pre-Market Value. They will then dependent on what salvage value normally deem the car to be "Beyond Economic Repair" at about 70% of that figure. All though they can repair up to 100% of the vehicles Value. If the car requires a bodyshell then the garage should have estimated for that, It seems to me they must have put down for Jig and Panel replacement. You can argue your point with your insurer and try to get them to Total Loss your vehicle but it may be that there Valuation does not meet yours. In this case ask for a 2nd opinion. How old is Your Picasso??


Legal cover with car insurance

Is there any point in paying this extra fee? The answer for me is NO! I was hit from behind by a moped 4 months ago and the rider rode off. However I got the registration details, reported it to the police and spoke to Diamond, my insurance company (not anymore!). Because of the excess on my policy I didn’t want to claim of it so they passed it over to their legal company who are supposed to help me recover the cost of damage. The damage quotes are only £250. They can’t get the insurance information for the other driver but because I have fully comp they won’t pursue it further as I can claim of my own insurance, which according to them is fine as I have no claims protected – but it’ll cost me £350 in excess. I should have saved the legal costs and phoned up one of these "no win no fee" companies! Any ideas what else I can do – besides going round to her house and demanding the money!

What the legal expenses insurer is telling you sounds absolute nonsense. If the repair quote is only £250, then you can’t claim through your comprehensive insurance as it will fall within the £350 excess. Don’t let the matter go. Get the matter referred to a supervisor and ask for a satisfactory explanation. If you’ve paid for the cover and liability is clear-cut, then they should be prepared to pursue the matter on your behalf. If you’re still having problems, complain to your insurers. They sold you the policy with the legal expenses add-on, so get them to exert some leverage. Good luck.

It was the supervisor at Diamond Insurance that told me there was nothing more they would do…"these things happen and it’s unfortunate" were her words. You won’t ever get me insuring with them again – and I’ll tell every other female I know not to! Won’t help, but it’ll make me feel better!! Looks like they are advocating a hit and run to me.

Complain to the insurance ombudsman. You have reported to the Police so they should have her insurance details. Ask to speak to an inspector and ask him what action was taken after the incident as you have failed to obtain insurance details etc. I thought all insurance companies shared information too on who is insured with who etc so they should be chasing her insurance company. Else go to the small claims court and issue proceedings against her to recover your costs.

The police passed on the insurance details to me, and I passed them onto Diamond, but they say that her insurers deny they have any record of her and that she is not on the central database – which means she’s probably uninsured. But because I have fully comprehensive insurance I can’t claim from their uninsured funds. Not gonna give up – just so frustrating :confused:

Poppy9 is right, they can easily obtain her insurance details – unless of course she is not insured. I agree that the OP has been wrongly informed. There is no law that says you have to use your own insurer. If you want to claim direct from the other driver or her insurers then you can. There may a specific exclusion in the legal expenses policy so that this needs checking but I cannot see why that should be. The irony for me in this is that I had an accident on the 11th July. The other driver was insured by Diamond. They contacted me direct, arranged a valuation of the car and paid me. Although I notified my insurers, they have had nothing to do with the settlement. Diamond were almost pathetic in their desire to get me to deal with them directly and not go through my own insurance. It seems ironic that the legal expenses bods should be saying go through the OP’s own insurer when those very insurers did not want me to go through mine. Incidentally, I have activated the legal expenses policy which I took out for this very circumstance. Solicitors have been appointed for me (I was allowed to choose my own but chose not to) and they have been very good so far. I think they have saved me a lot of hassle and the premium well worth the money.

If the Police have passed on her details ask them for a copy of their records noting her policy number, start date etc. Then go back to the insurers telling them this information is as supplied to the Police. If they still deny knowledge write to the Police pointing out inaccuracies in the details they have recorded, else a fraudulent policy document has been provided. Keep copies of all correspondence. Suing through small claims court is cheap and easy if your Legal Policy won’t help out. Do you have legal protection through your home insurance? They may help you. You can also contact the insurance ombudsman to complain about your insurance company.

Great idea – thanks. I had passed on all the info the police gave me and went back to them to check. Shall contact them again saying the Insurance companies are saying she’s not insured. Still hope they will prosecute her for not stopping – I’m bitter and twisted as she hasn’t taken the opportunity to settle this privately!

aren’t we all when we have been wronged

Great – just got a letter from the Police today saying they are not going to prosecute her for failing to stop after an accident. Waiting to hear back from the police that the insurance company is saying she’s not insured – wonder what document she showed the police a couple of months ago?!?

I hope it gets better for you Shaanbles, dont let it go! you should not have to pay a penny for this!

You can use the Freedom of Information Act to request the Police to disclose why they are not prosecuting a criminal offence. They have to respond within 20 days. Also if your car legal protection won’t help you sue her in a civil court use your household insurance legal protection if you have it.

I’d be very surprised, Poppy, if the household legal protection didn’t exclude motoring related matters – or nobody would bother buying motorists’ legal protection with their motor policies. It’s not surprising, either, that Diamond sought to deal with your claim directly although they were the third party insurers. By doing this, they can keep control over the costs of the claim and ensure that things are sorted out as quickly, and cheaply, as possible. If they leave it to your insurers, they may end up paying more as your insurers may faff about and increase the overall cost. The uninsured loss insurers are normally separate companies from the underwriters of the main policy, so once again it’s not surprising they make their own independent decisions. Basically in this case, they can’t be bothered to pursue a case for £250 – but that’s wrong, because that’s what you are paying your premium for.


Egg travel insurance – A warning

Last December I took out annual travel insurance through Egg. On the day my wife and I were due to go on holiday this year – 2nd June – my wife’s mother died unexpectedly. Obviously we cancelled our plans and claimed on our insurance as no refunds were available given the short timescale. Having filled in and sent off the claim form together with a copy of the death certificate and all relevant paperwork I today received a letter from the claims settlement department at AXA (the underwriters) telling me they need my mother in laws doctor to A: Confirm the cause of death (even though it was on the death certificate) and B: To confirm that when we took out the insurance last December my mother in law was fit and well! She was 83. As you can imagine I am b****y livid to say the least. Am I to suppose that when I take out travel insurance I have to ensure that, on the day I take out the policy, all of my immediate family are fit and well? If this is the case then nobody with an ailing parent should go on holiday apparently. I’m only claiming £300 and I have never claimed on a policy before. No doubt if I had "lost a very expensive camera" ha ha, they would have paid out by now!!

I think this is well worthy of a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Bureau – not least because it’s not the first time I’ve heard of similar goings on. It is quite reasonable for insurers to ask you to inform them in advance if you are travelling and you have an illness before you go. It’s just about reasonable for them to ask the health of your spouse, if you are travelling without them. It’s certainly NOT reasonable to expect them to check out, and inform them of, the state of health of every possible relative who might die whilst you are on holiday. A general ruling from the FOB would be very useful to prevent this sort of issue arising in future.

The following thread may be of interest and in particular the article from the Financial Ombudsman Service: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/…e+cancellation As your mother-in-law died unexpectedly, I can’t see why your claim should present a problem. However, the travel insurers are within their rights to ask the questions. I’ve actually got a similar situation myself where I need to disclose my mother’s serious medical condition when my annual travel insurance renews next month. Sorry to hear of your loss and good luck with your claim.

Thanks for your replies. I have written to complain to the settlement agency, AXA and Egg. I will wait and see if this bears fruit. I’m going away for a few days to Europe later in the year and I’ll be covered by the same insurance. Lets just hope I don’t lose anything (?)


Direct Line Home Insurance

Did you know that if you move to Direct Line, they give you a first year discount to entice you in, take the discount away the next year bumping it up to an uncompetitive £200 more than a real insurance broker, and have no leeway to adjust the premium…….and then if you do go elsewhere but dont tell them, they automatically renew the insurance for you and bill your credit card. Sharp practice or what?

Ouch, thx for the warning.. I’ll be steering clear…

For the third year running I have got the 10% discount for buying on line and the extra 20% (total 30% discount) for taking out a new Home insurance policy with Direct Line. Your right, they do bump up your policy when you get your renewal so I just ring them up and get them cancel the policy on its renewal date and then buy a new policy on line at the discounted price, to start when the old one runs out. I still find Direct Line quite competative at there discounted rates and the on line forms very easy to understand. I hope this helps, Barno


Personal Possessions and Family Legal Cover?

I am currently in the process of getting building/contents insurance. Most of the companies are offering Personal Possessions and Family Legal Cover with their insurance at a cost. Are they worth having? Cheers Chris

Can I suggest you try M&S. If I recall correctly, both these items are covered in the basic policy and because of this, we found they were considerably cheaper than other companies because the others charged for those add ons.